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    Going to teach you to be the perfect little anal whore for me.


    Hahaha thatttt is not healthy.


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  4. I’ve been so horny it’s horrible. My once daddy has lost his sex drive the last few months and I’ve been left alone without anyone to touch me. I ordered a rabbit online and i’m thinking of posting some gifs when I get it. until then i just have to live with my fantasies

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    Proudly showing her new strapless dildo …. and eager to try it …..

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    whoever the fuck made “rape-play” the name of CONSENSUAL sex between two partners and just even add “play” to “rape”  is a fucking idiot and i shame your cows

    The ignorance in this post alone almost makes me feel bad for you but not quite

    Why is she shitting on people’s kinks/fetishes. There’s nothing wrong with rape-play, because it’s consensual! That’s the whole point!

    Do you people realize that I’m not even trying one bit to shame anyone’s fetish or kink or whatever, just that whoever the fuck said that rape could be a game of some sort?

    Yes, there is such thing as forced C O N S E N S U A L sex, but do you even fucking know what rape is? It is forced N O N C O N S E N S U A L sex. You cannot put a “play” or “roleplaying” in front or after the word “rape” because it 

    • confuses people into thinking that rape can be “fun” and the girl will love it because people actually “like” getting “raped” (rape culture)

    I’m not saying that you’re an idiot if you like this fetish. I’m saying that you’re an idiot to call this fetish “rape-play” when you can’t even play around with “rape”. Call it something else that it actually IS!!!!

    You are so wrong about this it’s funny you seriously need to do your research and how you can’t see that your kink shaming is even funnier. Telling people who are open about this consensual fetish that they are promoting actual rape is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard in the world. It’s called “rape-play” because that’s what it is, two consenting adults role playing rape and if you think just because the sex is consensual it cannot be rape-play you must have a very limited understanding of sex. You should really go back to talking about other things you know nothing about because all you’re doing with this is making more people aware of how uneducated and ignorant you are when it comes to this subject.

    I’m really just sad that you don’t trust informed adults who preach about safety and consent to know the difference between rape and rape play. We BDSMers also do electrical play, snuff play, fear play, power play, age play, and pet play. Without proper understanding one might assume that age play is pedophilia, pet play is bestiality, snuff play is ‘having fun playing with death’, and so on.

    Peoples’s kinks and fetishes, often, act out or involve something that is intense, taboo, or traumatic. Here we have a very well written article about how Mac McLelland used BDSM as a coping mechanism after seeing the ugliness in Haiti.

    While kink is not a substitute for therapy, it is, in fact, a valid way of helping people cope. I have heard of several rape survivors who now use kink as a way of reclaiming and restructuring their rape.

    So. Sorry if you don’t like the terminology. No one is forcing you to hear it, say it, or be a part of it. Black list the tag ‘rape play’ if you need to; no one will begrudge you that. But, please. Don’t invalidate others.

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    Maybe if I post pictures of daddy’s d people will unfollow. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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  13. REBLOG THIS if you think a healthy relationship can include BDSM.

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    how much ass….how to choose when they all so sexy !

    I’m reblogging it again its so fucking lush, just want to rub my face in each one then lick from the bottom one to the top and back again oh my god yes

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